Principal Architect. 10 years designing, engineering and researching large-scale hardware and software products. Computer graphics and UI background. Founding member and key software architect at Perceptive Pixel. 3 years leading software development for Microsoft Surface Hub. AB in CS from Princeton, NYU MS-PhD drop-out. Papers at UIST & SIGGRAPH. 

Philip Davidson

Senior Scientist. Expert in geometric 3D computer vision, specializing in non-rigid surface reconstruction, pose estimation, tracking & efficient optimization techniques. Previously a researcher at MSR. Led Fusion4D project on real-time performance capture, a core feature of Holoportation. Papers at CVPR, SIGGRAPH, ISMAR. PhD from UNC Chapel-Hill, MSc and BSc in CS.

Mingsong Dou

Senior Scientist. Expert in robotics, computer vision, machine learning, 3D sensing, object reco, decision trees and deep learning. Significant work on depth algorithm for HoloLens and Holoportation. 3 years at MSR. Led research: HyperDepth, PatchCollider, learning to be a depth camera, FilterForests and iCub. Papers at SIGGRAPH, JMLR, CVPR, ICRA, IROS. PhD, MSc, BSc in CS. 

Sean Fanello

Senior Scientist. Expert in real-time machine learning, computer vision and human computer interaction: decision trees, deep learning, discrete optimization. Led projects on hand tracking, new depth sensors, ML architectures. Shipped products: Kinect hand gestures, and HoloLens gesture recognition. Papers at SIGGRAPH, CVPR, ECCV, UIST, CHI. PhD, MSc in CS. BSc in CS/Physics.

Cem Keskin

Senior Scientist. Expert in real-time computer vision and machine learning: 3D geometry, deep learning, probabilistic models, and discrete and continuous optimization. Previously a researcher at MSR. Projects include Holoportation, Fusion4D, hand shape modelling, activity recognition. Papers at SIGGRAPH, CVPR, ECCV. PhD from Maryland, MSc in CS, BSc in CSE.

Sameh Khamis

Senior Technology Scientist. NUI, mixed reality and sensing expert. Blends novel user experiences with deep technical work. Prior work includes Digits, a wearable hand tracker; HoloDesk, a situated mixed reality interactive display; RetroDepth, a desktop NUI system, FlexSense, a flexible sensor for NUI. 5 years at MSR. PhD, MSc,  BSc in CS. Papers at SIGGRAPH, UIST & CHI.

David Kim

Senior Scientist. Computer vision and machine learning R&D expert. 3 years at Microsoft. Shipped computer vision technologies for Surface Hub and Skype. Expert in active and passive stereo, structured light systems, and segmentation. Key contributor to Holoportation. Papers at CVPR, ECCV, IJCV, PAMI, NIPS, SIGGRAPH. PhD and MSc from Cornell in ECE. BSc in EE/Comms. 

Adarsh Kowdle

Senior Scientist. Computer vision R&D expert. Builds novel 3D depth sensing tech. Expertise in stereo, structured light, time-of-flight, image segmentation / matting. Code ships on HoloLens, Xbox and Surface. Key in Holoportation, HyperDepth, PatchMatch Stereo, CostFilter Stereo. 5 years at MSR. PhD, MMSc, BSc in CS. Papers at CVPR, ECCV, IJCV, PAMI, SIGGRAPH, UIST, CHI.

Christoph Rhemann

Senior Scientist. Expert in 3D computer vision, machine learning: regression trees, probabilistic models, deep learning. Led projects on hand, face and object tracking using random forests, CNNs, and other discrete optimizers. Papers at CVPR, ICCV, ECCV. Previously a researcher at MSR. PhD from Imperial College London, MSc from UCL, BSc in CS.

Danhang Tang

Senior Scientist. Expert in real-time machine learning & computer vision: body & hand pose estimation, model fitting, efficient optimization, decisions trees, deep learning. Spearheaded latest hand tracking work at MSR Cambridge on efficient subdivision surface model fitting. Papers at SIGGRAPH, ICCV, CVPR, NIPS, AAAI & UIST. Phd/BSc in CS/Math from Toronto. MSc in CS.

Jonathan Taylor

Senior Scientist. 13 years engineering novel machine learning, computer vision & AI products at Microsoft and startups. Shipped solutions for Xbox Kinect skeleton and hand tracking, machine-learning enabled depth camera. Public science project on protein folding simulation. Expertise in deep learning, neural nets, decision trees, GPU computing. BSc and MSc in CS. PhD dropout.

Vladimir Tankovich

Senior Scientist. 3D computer vision and machine learning expert: online-learning, pose estimation, object recognition and segmentation.  Led SemanticPaint project one of the first online 3D reconstruction, semantic segmentation and object recognition systems. Papers at SIGGRAPH and CVPR. Previously a researcher at MSR. PhD from Oxford. MSc, BSc in CS. BizDev degree. 

Julien Valentin