We Are HIRING exceptional people 

Do you want to work on disruptive products that touch many millions of lives, and radically change the world?

Do you want to build and ship beautifully designed and engineered systems at the intersection of novel hardware and software?

Do you want to work on scientifically novel systems that elegantly mix theory and practice?

Do you want to develop systems that can truly perceive and interact with the world in real-time?

Do you want to build user experiences that radically shift the way people can interact with computers?

We are looking for talented scientists, engineers, and designers at all levels of seniority to work on bleeding-edge research and products at the intersection of real-time computer vision, applied machine learning, novel displays, sensing, and human-computer interaction. Working at perceptiveIO you will take theory to practice designing, implementing, evaluating, and shipping cutting-edge perceptive systems.

join an amazing team

Our team has a proven track record of:

  • taking research to products
  • shipping high-impact products that touch millions of people’s lives
  • working on bleeding-edge research, highly visible in public forums and top-rated scientific conferences
  • making moonshot projects a reality

We are looking for talented team players with a love of technology, science, and real-world impact. Specifically, we want people who:

  • are highly collaborative
  • think creatively
  • have zero ego
  • love building things
  • love working in agile teams